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Dual touch screen folding mobile phones coming soon
- May 10, 2018 -

The full-screen outdated Huawei OPPO and other large manufacturers are developing dual-screen folding mobile phones


In 2017, a full-screen mobile phone with the core of screen sharing increased globally. Nearly all Chinese first-line brands have followed South Korea's Samsung Electronics and the United States’ Apple. They have launched a full-screen mobile phone. After the full screen, what will be the next hotspot of the smartphone?




According to industry sources, folding mobile phones will be the next new trend 
in the global mobile phone industry.

According to reports from industry sources, a large number of mobile phone manufacturers including China and South Korea are currently developing folding mobile phones, including Huawei, OPPO, and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.


In the fullscreen mobile phone, Sharp Corporation of Japan is the originator of the industry. In folding mobile phones, China’s ZTE has taken a step forward. In October, at a conference in New York City, ZTE announced a folded dual-screen mobile phone Axon M. The phone has two 5.2inch full-HD screens, and it can be folded to provide a large 6.75inch screen, providing a richer viewing experience

 Not long ago, Yu Chengdong, a Huawei executive responsible for the mobile phone business, disclosed that Huawei is developing dualscreen mobile phones and plans to release products before the end of 2018. Product details are still unknown.

 According to industry sources, OPPO is also developing similar products. The company has 

applied for a number of patents before and it is related to folding screens and folding mobile phones.





In addition to Chinese companies, Korean mobile phone manufacturers are also very interested in folding dual-screen mobile phones. Like OPPO, Samsung Electronics has previously applied for patents on technology related to folding mobile phones in the United States. One of Samsung’s patents is “Flexible Electronic Devices.” Samsung uses a flexible screen in both screens.

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