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Easy to operate
- Apr 25, 2018 -

From the front, the touch display has no obvious difference from the normal display. From the rear view, there is one more signal line than the ordinary display, which is the signal line connecting the touch screen. When the ordinary display is in use, generally does not need a special driver program, and when the touch display is used, it must have a dedicated touch screen driver, otherwise it cannot touch the operation.

The location of these applications is generally a low-cost query application. Medical, high-end POS, and touch screens on industrial sites are generally equipped with infrared touch screens, 5-wire resistive touch screens, and capacitive touch screens. Acoustic wave screen displays and 4-wire resistance are mainly used in search sites. In addition, some large-size LCD TVs are generally equipped with infrared touch screens and sound wave screens, among which there are many infrared screens.

Under normal circumstances, if the customer value quality, it is recommended to choose the brand touch display, because after-sales service is guaranteed, if the customer is more concerned about the price, you can consider using the assembled display.

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