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(Multi-touch device) multi-touch displaydetails
- Feb 20, 2019 -

Multi-touch system principle:
There are two ways to realize desktop interaction. One is through the form of touch film, but the touch film is universally recognized by two points, which can not meet the needs of everyone to achieve multi-touch, so It is rarely used; The second is through the infrared frame method, which can realize different recognition identifications of 2, 4, 6 and 8 to 24 points, so the modern desktop interactive projection system generally adopts infrared frame recognition technology to realize Interactive features.
The multi-touch system is an interactive display technology that has emerged in recent years, which can manipulate a computer by a user's finger. The advantages of traditional touch-screen multi-touch technology that only supports Single-point contacts are:

Multi-touch technology recognizes multiple finger contacts of the user of the screen according to different electric shock positions; the technology also supports user-defined multi-touch gestures Such as one-handed Drag and drop pictures, two-handed rotation and zooming pictures, etc., with natural and intuitive interactive features.

After the user:
multi-touch technology can be placed horizontally to form a multi-touch interactive desktop, or can be placed vertically to form a multi-touch interactive wall surface. At the same time, because the multi-touch screen edge width is Close to 0, Multiple screens can be placed side by side to expand into an interactive display wall (desktop) with a large format.
Multi-touch interactive screen integrates advanced research results in the fields of physical optics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, etc. It has a high knowledge content and can be widely used in military, education, culture, business, entertainment and other fields, leading The next generation. The cutting-edge products of the natural interactive computer concept.