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High Contrast, Strong Sense Of Hierarchy, Bright Colors
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The TFT has good brightness, high contrast, strong layering, and bright colors. The disadvantage is that it consumes more electricity and costs more. The main components of the TFT-type liquid crystal display include fluorescent tubes, light guide plates, polarizing plates, filter plates, glass substrates, alignment films, liquid crystal materials, thin mode transistors, and the like.

There are three types of displays used in mobile phones: STN mode, TFD mode, and TFT mode. Among them, the best picture quality is the TFT method, and most of the displays used in notebook computers are of this type. However, although TFT has a beautiful picture and consumes a relatively large amount of power, it has a disadvantage that the battery is not durable for the mobile phone. Although the STN method is the worst in image quality, it has the advantages of low power consumption and low cost. TFD is located exactly in the middle of the TFT and STN. Image quality is slightly inferior to TFT but consumes less power than TFT.