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High Definition, Undistorted Color
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The on-board display device is usually a liquid crystal display, with an external sound, readable SD card, USB and Bluetooth functions. The on-board monitor of the vehicle Navigator has the function of incoming call voice reporting. This is because the LCD screen is relatively small and easy to install. It can be installed near the instrument panel, on the roof, behind the seat back, or even on the sun visor. Use in various situations. In addition, in-vehicle display devices often integrate other functions such as simple amplifiers, TV reception functions, and audio output. The types and functions are more numerous than TV or computer monitors.

High definition, undistorted color, high quality picture

Remote control operation is more convenient

Easy to install without damaging the body

Specially designed for on-board video display, with excellent shock resistance

Smooth image, no smear